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Streamlined UI

The interface is designed for easy data capture and performance.

Faceted Search

Search and drill down within your knowledge base on any page. Including reports!

Hit Highlights

Keywords within search results are highlighted. See your best hits contextually.


Tagging makes data entry easy and tracking service trends painless.

Date Ranges

Search or report by last week, or month, or year. Common ranges are easily entered.

Comparison Reports

See how this month compares to last. See how data is trending between any two ranges.

Q&A Pages

Each entry in Gimlet has its own URL. Share and copy the link with ease.

Pivot Reports

Quickly analyze all your data with automatic pivot table reporting.

Language Options

Built-in support for English, Español, and Français. More to come.

Safe and secure

Your data is stored at secure data centers in New York City and San Francisco. Additional backups are stored nightly in the cloud. We track Gimlet’s availablity and performance 24/7.


With Gimlet, you can collect reports on data as soon as it’s entered.

Overview report
High-level view of recent activity. See how category values are trending.
Detail report
Choose any two facets of data collected in Gimlet and run an instant pivot table report. Find your busiest times of the week, the most used tags, or who answered the most questions.
Download report
Pick a date range and return a CSV file of all the data collected during that time window. Move results into your favorite spreadsheet tool for additional local analysis.
Gimlet - Add Questions Form

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