We’re always open to new feature requests from our clients. If you have a great idea to improve Gimlet, please reach out to us. Today we’re happy to announce the latest client requested feature we’ve added to Gimlet: Multi-Add.

“One thing staff continue to ask for is the ability to enter multiple entries as a batch.”

Save Multiple Questions

Multi-Add Use “Save multiple” to add many entries in one save

This is an optional feature allowing you to add an entry multiple times into the knowledge-base. This feature is extremely helpful if you’re…

  • Answering multiple reference questions for one single person
  • Helping a group of people at the reference desk with the same question
  • Catching up on entries from a special event
  • Counting the people you taught to use the plasma cutter (We ♥ MakerSpaces)

Anytime you want the same entry to go into Gimlet’s database multiple times, this is the tool for you!

Multi-Add Example of adding four “computer_lab” tagged entries at once

How to Enable Multi-Add

This feature is configured on the branch-level, and it is not enabled by default. To use the new feature you’ll follow these steps for each branch:

  1. Sign into Gimlet (as an administrator)
  2. Click the “Edit Form” button at the top of the question form
  3. Choose the “Edit Branch” link
  4. Check the “Enable multi-add for questions” checkbox
  5. Save Changes

Multi-Add Branch form configurable options

Now when you’re entering data, you’ll be able to toggle the “Save multiple” checkbox, pick a number between 1 and 99, and repeat that entry upon save.

We’d love your feedback on this new functionality. Let us know if you begin using it at your library!

-Eric & Nate